Get to know our Data Coordinator Extraordinaire: Chris Silver

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Chris Silver joined Washington Retail in 2014 as an administrative assistant, but his “nerdy” talents in data analysis and other computing-related skills have propelled him to the Member Services and Data Coordinator position. Chris plays a key role in supporting members and contributing to the efficiency of the whole Retail Services team.

When the Safety Ambassador Program launched in January this year, Chris’s data skills and ability to project workers’ compensation experience rates based on claims data made him a natural fit to join the team. He has enjoyed helping members understand the importance of safety as the best strategy to boost employee retention and lower business expenses. Chris has also been assisting members in prioritizing their building of a safety culture during field visits with Rick Means, our Director of Safety and Education.

When Chris isn’t at work, he spends much of his time at home with his wife Jamie and their three cats. What does he do for fun? Chris readily admits, “I’m a big nerd. I play video games and live stream (broadcasting his live gaming for others to watch online) on Twitch. I podcast about video games. I’ve been building computers for twenty years and like to cook.” His favorite video game since first playing it in 2009 is League of Legends, which Chris says is the largest “e-sport” in the world. What about his favorite thing to cook? “Pies. I like to bake pies.”

Before joining Washington Retail, Chris gained retail sales experience at Radio Shack, and his customer service position at a local call center prepared him well for his current job. Washington Retail couldn’t be prouder to have him as a loyal and talented team member.

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