Member’s heartfelt thanks for receiving reimbursement

Congratulations to Chris Silver, Member Services Adviser, for receiving a heartfelt thank you note recently from a satisfied member.

Chris administers the Stay at Work program for Retail Services on behalf of Labor & Industries. In return for finding light duty work for an injured employee, the program allows employers to collect up to 50% of the worker’s base wages, up to $10,000 or 66 days worked in light duty, whichever comes first. Chris had arranged such a payment for an injured employee at an Auburn company that received a reimbursement check for $1,662.19.

“I’ve never received a check for this or any of our claims,” a company representative wrote back. “I hope it’s not a mistake, LOL! Just thought you’d like to know how much we appreciate you and Washington Retail for allowing Seattle Automotive to be in your RETRO Plan.”

Since 2012, Chris reports that Retail Services has arranged some $654,000 in reimbursements to companies that arranged for injured workers to continue making contributions on the job. To learn more, you can contact Chris at 360-646-9418 or [email protected].

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