Maria McClain

Director of Retro Member Services

Maria McClain, Director of Retro Member Services, brings to the job 20 years of experience in the Group Retro program and the state’s workers’ compensation program.

Maria manages one of the most successful Group Auto and Retail Retro groups in the state. As a high energy team leader, she believes in the mission of creating a value-based organization with the goal being to offer our members constant communication, trust and transparency, accountability, expertise and a commitment to excellence.

Prior to her work at WR/RS, she worked for a previous Retro group and 8 years in the financial industry specializing in institutional accounting and collections that entailed interacting with both the public and a diverse business community.

Claims Management is the cornerstone of our services. With Maria’s past Claims Management experience, her goal is to always protect the members’ bottom lines by promoting aggressive onsite claims’ management strategies. This not only includes educating members on best practices, Maria’s team identifies cost drivers and opportunities to reduce costs and close claims.

She has recently been appointed to the Retro Advisory Committee with Labor and Industries. Her membership not only reflects a positive relationship with Labor and Industries, she continues to build and network in the Retro Community to stay on top of the latest topics and issues that directly affects Retro.

With her guidance, the team specializes in efficiently bringing high-cost claims to a timely resolution. Cost containment is the number one priority when advocating for the member.

Maria says, “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.”

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