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Automotive Apprenticeship opportunity for trained and loyal technicians

Getting well-trained auto technician as long-term employees are essential to our auto service members.

For this reason, Washington Retail Association (WR) continues to research alternative avenues of educational training for members.

We met with Wayne Bridges, Apprenticeship Training Coordinator for Independent Technicians Automotive Committee (iTAC) who is very proud of the commitment to recruiting from a non-traditional and disconnected youth workforce with 31% women, 38% persons of color and 70% under the age of 30.

iTAC currently offers two apprenticeship certificates:

  1. General Service Technician (GST) 2000 hours
  2. Master Service Technician (MST) 8000 hours

The GST is open to adults and high school juniors and seniors in an ASE Education Foundation approved training program. We currently have MOU’s with Pierce County Skills Center, Puyallup High School, and Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center. The GST is fully transferrable into the MST program giving advanced placement. iTAC will be introducing additional automotive career pathways soon.

For more information, please contact Wayne Bridges, Apprenticeship Training Coordinator for ITAC @253-209-0731 or [email protected]

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