Safety Apps

Let us help your Safety Lead save time. As a member you have access to a library of apps aside from the SAFEME app.

Think of us as your safety resource. If we don’t have it, we will find it!

Source Topic Cost OS Type
OSHA Heat Index Free iOS , Android
Ergo Pain Point – Musculoskeltal Disorders Free Android
Ergo Office Ergonomics Free Android
Red Cross First Aid Free Android
Red Cross First Aid Free iOS
FEMA Major Event Prep Free iOS
FEMA Major Event Prep Free Android
NIOSH Ladder Angle Free iOS
NIOSH Ladder Angle Free Android
Noise Decibel 10th Free iOS
Noise Soundmeter Pro $2.50 Android
Red Cross Earthquake Free Android
Red Cross Earthquake Free iOS
Mimi Hearing Hearing test Free iOS
e-audiologia Hearing test Free Android
Ergo ILO Ergonomic Checkpoints Free Android
Ergo ILO Ergonomic Checkpoints Free iOS
Business Prep Small Business Disaster Plan Free iOS
WorksafeBC Incident Cost Calculator Free Desktop
Safety Culture i-auditor Free Android
Safety Culture i-auditor Free iOS
AccuWeather Weather App Free Android
AccuWeather Weather App Free iOS
NSC First Aid Free Android
NSC First Aid Free iOS
 Apple Health App built into OS Built in iOS
 Emergency ICED Varies Android
Job Safety Job Safety Analysis Free Android
WAHSEQ Near Miss Reporting Tool Free Android


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