What are the requirements to enroll in the Group Retro Program?


  • An employer with an individual Labor & Industries account in good standing
  • Make timely payments of quarterly premiums to Labor & Industries
  • Report hours worked in one of Retail Services allowed risk classifications
  • Demonstrate a positive safety record
  • Must be a member of the Washington Retail Association
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Membership Benefits

  • When enrolled in the Group Retro Program typically companies enjoy lower workers’ compensation premiums, fewer lost workers hours and higher productivity
  • Lowering claims exposure and reducing the experience factor will affect the premiums you pay each quarter
  • The opportunity to earn back a portion of what you pay in premiums in the form of a refund
  • You will have an assigned analyst that manages your account and claims along with a team of professionals that will provide you with exceptional service every day
  • Evaluation of existing safety programs and develop new programs and procedures where needed
  • Please call for more detailed information

Retro Program

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Retro is a safety incentive program. Let us help you drive down the costs of doing business in Washington State

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