Claims Management

We work to save and protect your money

Any time one of your employees is injured, it costs your company. The loss can be in production, hiring and training a replacement, rescheduling work or the loss of a project or job. Plus, the injury can cause your workers’ compensation premiums to go up.

Labor & Industries can increase or decrease your experience factor by 25% each year. Our goal is to work together to reduce your experience factor and save you money on the front end.

We are the liaison between your company and Labor & Industries.

Our professionals will identify cost drivers and opportunities to reduce costs; cost containment and claim closures. We provide predictive modeling in the early stages of a claim and project the cost of a claim. Members receive trend analysis reports, measure current loss data by location and provide summary reports to meet all corporate requirements.

Claims Management Services

Workers’ Comp Claims Services

When contacting the claims management services, you will receive aggressive in-house claims management and total oversight with all parties involved. We perform a comprehensive investigation on all claims, regardless how simple they may appear at first reporting. We provide predictive modeling in the early stages of a claim, direct the outcomes and provide full reports of status and plan for resolution of each claim.
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Risk Class Code Reclassification

Classifications are based on the nature of your business and L&I assigns risk classifications at the time the L&I account number is created. If you feel the nature of your business has changed and the current risk classifications are no longer applicable, our staff will review the current risk classification codes assigned.
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L&I & UBI Account Resolution

If you are new to our state or thinking of starting a business in Washington, we advise that you first set up your UBI number for tax purposes and an L&I account if you intend to have employees. You may have multiple locations in Washington but are acquiring new locations. If so, there are options available as to how you set up your L&I account numbers.
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L&I’s Return to Work Program

Companies can earn reimbursement for a portion of their costs by agreeing to allow injured workers to quickly and safely return to light-duty or transitional work.
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Penalty & Interest Negotiation

Retail Services will negotiate on your behalf with the Department of Labor and Industries to reduce penalties and interest charged on employer accounts.
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Master Business Application Completion

Our staff is prepared to guide you through a successful application for a Master Business License. Retail Services will assist members on completion of a Master Business Application for companies during acquisitions and clarification of accounts for Account ID purposes.
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Claims Investigation

Retail Services claims management team takes over immediately after an injury claim is filed. We estimate potential costs to the employer in the early stages of claims.
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Research Prior to Acquisition

Prior to purchasing a company or any interest in a business, Retail Services can provide a detailed background on their workers’ compensation account to determine if there are outstanding premiums due.
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Hourly Wage Estimator

For companies unsure of how to recalculate a salaried employee to an hourly rate, we provide a calculator to help estimate the answer.

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Risk Code Rate Calculator

Retail Services has created a downloadable calculator to help simplify your process.

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Do I Qualify?

Employers eligible for claims management must be members of Washington Retail, maintain an account in good standing with Labor & Industries, report hours worked in an allowed risk classification and demonstrate a positive safety record.

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Only Washington Retail members have access to the services and resources available from Retail Services

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