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RISE Up Program now available through Washington Retail

The retail industry is America’s largest private-sector employer, offering first jobs, second chances, and lifelong careers to millions of people every day. Employers, however, are finding it challenging hire employees with basic soft job skills (customer service, problem-solving, communication) and hard job skills (marketing, basic business operations, safety). Filling this work readiness gap is not only about supporting businesses, it is also about providing a bright career pathway for high school and college students.

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Washington Retail is proud to offer industry-backed RISE Up training and credentials from the NRF Foundation to help people across the state to get the skills they need to launch a career in retail.

The NRFF’s RISE Up program offers foundational training such as customer service, sales, inventory management and profitability that teach foundational skills necessary for career success, from customer service and sales to inventory management and profitability.

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Each one of these segments has its own certification. Whether you take one or all three, you will have a better insight to what retail is all about and learn skills that will help you in any career. Additional details are available here.



Do you have an employee that is showing an interest in career with your company? Are you working with an internship/apprenticeship programs now and would like to add the RISE Up program to your curriculum?

Please contact Rick Means, for answers to your questions and how we can help you to get your program started.


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Employment Law

Washington Retail has retained a law firm that specializes in workers’ compensation employer defense.
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Employee Manual

Retail Services has partnered with a law firm to offer members an employee manual with a complete summary of legal requirements for doing business in Washington. The manual will be updated on a regular basis.
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Private Investigation

Retro members have access to specialized services should they become necessary. One such service can help investigate and discover workers’ compensation fraud. If you suspect it, we can contract with a full-service investigation company to minimize potential or ongoing risks.
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Vocational Counseling

Vocational Counseling is a service designed to develop the skills and abilities of a person to the point they can perform a specific vocation in a productive way.
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