Rick Means

Safety Specialist

Rick administers a very robust safety program for Retail Services. He has been instrumental in the success of the program.

He is a Certified Safety Management Practitioner, CSMP, and is well sought after in the industry. Rick was in the retail industry for 35 years and developed a strong sense for safety in the workplace.

He analyzes member’s current safety manuals and procedures and helps create safety plans that meet state rules and regulations. He works with Labor & Industries, which offers high-risk assessments and on-site audits if specific locations are experiencing higher rates of accidents. Rick will help to develop new procedures.

RS offers online training modules, a safety library and training webinars. Tell us what you need, and Rick will make sure you have the required training materials. You can rely on him to send out a monthly newsletter that gives companies everything they need to meet the monthly safety meeting requirements.

Check out the SAFEME app online that Rick developed with Labor & Industries. You can take a safety class, take a test and print out a certificate of completion. This is great for any new person entering the workforce for the first time.

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