The Bellevue Collection hosts Merchant Breakfast to boost workforce opportunities

  To support retailers facing worker shortage challenges, WR introduced an audience of retail mall managers to worksite learning, a structured partnership between K12 educators and employers. Alesha Shemwell, Director of…
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Neurodiverse hiring advances talent diversity

One of the ways to solve today’s hiring challenge is through hiring from among the neurodiversity population—a largely untapped pool of highly capable workers. Hiring from this untapped pool has…
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Worksite learning and RISE Up certifications can help with hiring challenges

  Retail entry-level jobs have the potential to inspire diverse career pathways and provide an abundance of promotion opportunities for all passions and talents. Two of WR’s focused efforts during…
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Hiring for intentional diversity is crucial to retailers

  Promoting hiring practices that advance Washington Retail’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) principles is integral to September’s Careers in Retail Month. Simple changes in how retailers define “fit”…
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Educators seek customer service credentials—Rise Up fits the bill

  WR and the National Retail Federation (NRF) Foundation participated at the Washington Association of Technical Education (ACTE) Summer Conference held in Spokane this week. With retail as the second…
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New option for offering light duty that generates triple WINs

Most employers are aware of the importance and benefits of offering temporary light duty positions (or return-to-work) for injured workers. Still, some are unable to provide these positions due to…
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Is employee upskilling on your mind?

Learn about free assessment consultations and employee training tax credits or grants. Are you or your employees feeling the need for upskilling? The state offers 50% tax credits or grants…
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Is your Accident Prevention Program (APP) current?

Building a workplace safety culture requires collaboration among employers, management, and the whole work team. An Accident Prevention Program (APP) is the cornerstone of every workplace safety program. One that…
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APPs are now easier to create

As we mentioned in this article, the Accident Prevention Program (APP) is an important document that is the cornerstone of your company’s safety program. With support from management, those safety…
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The importance of including ORC training in APPs

If you have watched the news over the past few years, you know that organized retail crimes (ORC) are rising, in addition to burglaries and armed robberies. These events are…
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“My Co-Worker’s Keeper” is crucial to safety culture

  In “Relational leaders motivate safety behavior,” safety culture experts emphasized the importance of relational leaders in motivating safety behavior follow-throughs. However, the motivation for safety behaviors does not have…
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Meet our new Director of Retro, Chris Ristine

Follow us:      We are pleased to announce that Chris Ristine has joined WR as the Director of Retro, a critical leadership role in guiding the performance of our Group Retrospective…
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