L&I’s Return to Work Program

How you can earn reimbursements for injured workers

Companies can earn reimbursement for a portion of their costs by agreeing to allow injured workers to quickly and safely return to light-duty or transitional work.

  • Eligible employers can be reimbursed for 50 percent of the base wages up to 66 days.
  • They may be reimbursed for some cost of training, tools, or clothing needed to perform light-duty as transitional work.
  • Use of the reimbursement lowers claim costs but does not affect your experience rating.

The purpose of this incentive is to encourage more employers to return their injured workers to light-duty or transitional jobs with the doctor’s approval. This medical best practice can help the worker recover.

  • We gather wage information and time sheets along with any other pertinent information in order to complete the application.
  • We track your claims reimbursements and provide a monthly or quarterly report and issue a check to you. You can also choose to have your reimbursement applied to future administration fees for the Retro program if it is easier than processing checks that are received.

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How To Enroll

If you meet the above requirements, fill out a brief form to request more information on how to enroll.

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