Retail Services

Retail Services, a subsidiary of Washington Retail Association, offers exclusive membership in Labor & Industries’ Group Retro program while specializing and ensuring personalized services of the highest quality. The strength of our brand has become a promise to our members and future members.

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Retro Program

Retro is a safety incentive program. Let us help you drive down the costs of doing business in Washington.

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Claims Management

Claims Management is the cornerstone of our services. We protect and save you money by implementing our aggressive on-site proactive claims management system.

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Our goal is to develop sustainable cultures of safety in the workplace.  A safe environment eases stress.  Our focus is to reduce costs associated with workplace injuries.

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What We Do

Our goal is to protect and save companies time, money and risk by implementing an aggressive proactive claims management system, early return to work programs, loss analysis/risk assessments, and robust safety training programs. We have a proven record of success and offer our membership a financial incentive by providing a safe work environment.

Stay Up-to-Date on Retail News

We distribute a weekly e newsletter to members with retail news, updates on changes to our range of programs and safety tips and advice on topics to cover in safety meetings.

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Our Focus

Becoming a member of Washington Retail Association will have a direct financial impact on your company’s bottom line. Our sole purpose is to provide services that will improve your Safety and Retro performance to help your company save money on workers’ compensation costs.

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RS provides all its members with access to programs and services that save employers time and money so they can focus on what really matters – growing the success of their business.


All RS members receive access to monthly safety meeting information, making it easy for employers to stay informed and comply with all of Labor & Industries’ requirements for a safe workplace.


RS knows it’s not always easy owning and operating your own business, which is why we provide the support, resources and information you need to be successful.

Washington’s Retail Experts

We have a team of professionals that provide exceptional service to our membership each day. Members can count on trust and transparency, accountability, expertise, flexibility and a commitment to excellence from the team. We identify opportunities and present compelling solutions.

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Only Washington Retail members have access to the services and resources available from Retail Services

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Retro is a safety incentive program. Let us help you drive down the costs of doing business in Washington State

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