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Customized analysis for Kept-on-Salary and Return-to-Work decisions

Is the kept-on-salary program cost-justifiable? Could paying workers who aren’t working while on short-term disability disincentivize them from returning to work?

These are frequently asked and reasonable questions. Some third-party claim administrators falsely claim that retro groups always recommend Kept-on-Salary/Return-to-Work (KOS/RTW) even if it is not in the individual member’s best interest. This isn’t so for Washington Retail Services’ members.

WR offers a customized  KOS/RTW cost-benefit analysis for each claim to empower members with informed decision-making on the potential benefit to their bottom line.

The individual member’s interest guides each claim’s decision, not the group as a whole. The likelihood of the group receiving a refund is based upon the success of its members. When a decision may benefit the group more than the member, our team informs the member of their options and the potential impact. We leave the decision on how to proceed with members.

Time-loss dollars paid on workers’ comp claims have the biggest impact on your future experience rates and workers’ compensation premiums. One small time-loss claim could cost your company thousands—or even tens of thousands—in higher workers’ comp premiums and reduced Retro refunds.

WR’s team processes all the paperwork needed to secure approval for light-duty return-to-work and apply for wage reimbursement (Stay-at-Work), and you receive the whole reimbursement check from L&I!

Contact your claims analyst today to create a proactive RTW program or reach Chris Ristine, the Director of Retro at [email protected] (360) 200-6456.

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