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Changes to your Monthly and Quarterly Retro reports (also known as your Loss Runs)

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Effective January 1, 2022, we will be updating our system to enable automatic electronic processing and delivery of Monthly and Quarterly Retro reports to the claims contact person identified in each of your accounts. Without a named contact person, the system will not generate or deliver reports to your account.

If you need to update the contact person, please call or email your Washington Retail (WR) Claims Analyst.

As you know, your review of these reports is essential to your partnership because they provide up-to-date status and costs of each worker injury claim under your account. For you, receiving these reports directly means immediate monitoring of trends on the type of claims filed, injury date, and the incident description on each claim.

These claims reports also enable you to watch the reserve* amount on each claim, just as your claims analyst does daily. Reserve* estimates are used to calculate your rates and retrospective rating premiums while a claim is open, which can easily exceed the actual claims cost.

These reserve amounts make evident the importance of preventing injuries from occurring in the first place. When injuries do occur, we partner with you to return your worker back to work by offering light-duty and closing claims successfully to help prevent elevated reserve estimates.

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