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The newest course in the NRF Foundation’s skills training is the RISE Up Warehouse, Inventory and Logistics certification

The RISE Up credentialing program continues to grow, recently adding a Warehouse, Inventory, and Logistics certification course to its offerings.  As e-commerce growth continues, fulfillment centers and warehouses are increasing capacity to handle customer orders.

Developed in partnership with the Association of Supply Chain Management, this industry-recognized certification meets the growing need for skilled employees by exploring:

  • The importance of supply chains and the flow of goods
  • The design and operation of a warehouse/distribution/ fulfillment center
  • The key performance metrics and how to calculate them
  • Safety measures and techniques
  • Warehousing jobs, career paths, and the skills needed to succeed

Course delivery options are flexible – from online to class­room or a combination of both. Self-paced lessons allow students to engage with curriculum videos, activities, and knowledge checks. Mix and match your lessons to provide a course that’s completely tailored for your students, preparing them for jobs that are in high demand right now.

E-commerce and supply chains are increasingly essential to our economy, which helps explain why warehouse and distribution center jobs have grown by 50% in the last five years.

NRF Foundation’s RISE Up is a winner of the U.S. Department of Commerce Presidential Award for Excellence in Workforce Education and Training.  More information can be found here or contact Rick Means at [email protected]

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