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Claims analyst saves Retro pool from overpayments

Senior Claims Analyst Maria McClain shared an example of a case she worked that initially went awry because Labor & Industries incorrectly calculated the wages of an injured worker.
Maria obtained the worker’s pay stubs and record of hours worked to challenge L&I’s conclusion. Depending upon their marital and family status, claimants can obtain up to 75 percent of gross wages in injury insurance payments.
Maria protested the wage order and L&I agreed it had overestimated the monthly wages by $334.68, and an overpayment to correct the error was issued. This correction decreased the cost of the claim that directly impacts the Retro Pool fund by $2,100 for the claim.
If the wage order had not been challenged and become final and binding, this would have been the set wages paid for the life of the claim. By correcting the cost of the claim, Maria also protected the employer from paying too much in future insurance premiums.
“It is important to have RS’ eyes on every claim,” Maria said.

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