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“COVID brain” and how to combat it

For many people, COVID-19 with all of its uncertainty has caused people to remain on edge and out of mental focus.

It’s a phenomenon that neuroscientist Hilke Plassman has dubbed “COVID brain.” She writes that people are experiencing unfamiliar brain changes as a result of the worldwide virus. It’s when the analytical part of your brain is swamped with ambiguous signals while your brain comes up dry trying to search for comparable experiences.

Plassman, in a recent blog post, suggested three ways to manage the problem:

  • Re-think stress. Instead of processing stress as something negative, think of it as a positive force that sharpens focus in adapting and dealing with tough times.
  • Listen to music you like. Music can regulate your mood, sharpen your focus and boost productivity.
  • Learn about and practice mindfulness. Meditation and deep breathing, for example, also have been shown to calm the mind by regulating brain activity.

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