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Successful Launch – Electronic Loss Run Reports

You have likely noticed our recent updates to your Retro reports in the last couple of weeks, now in electronic format. We want to thank those of you who have given us feedback which has been helpful as we continue to refine our reporting process. We also appreciate the calls we’ve received to ensure we have the correct details for your organization’s contact person(s).

Thank you for your patience and continued partnership as we streamline our services and refine our member support systems.

Please continue to give us feedback to help in our efforts to make your reports as user-friendly and useful to you as possible.

Next steps for electronic mail:

We have instructed L&I to send all Notice of Decisions directly to you, as the employer of record. As your representative, Washington Retail Services will receive a copy of those notices to keep us informed of actions being taken on your individual claims.

As the employer, we will keep you updated if there are any actions you need to take, such as electing to receive electronic reports by email versus printed reports by US Mail. Stay tuned for additional details on these updated processes as we roll this new system out in the coming weeks.

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