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Fun facts about Rose Gundersen, VP of Operations & Retail Services

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Congrats to our Rose Gundersen for her two-year anniversary with Washington Retail.

Her accomplishments in these two years include creating an infographic video on Retail Services’ Retro and Safety Program, responding to members on employment law questions, advocating for members as part of Washington Retail’s government affairs team and providing COVID federal relief and safety resources.

With her bi-lingual background, growing up in Hong Kong and nonprofit background, Rose has facilitated and supported Washington Retail Board’s Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Initiative.

She brings the best home-made lunch to work every day prepared by her husband who is a dentist by trade, a chef by heart.

Outside of work, Rose is a board director of Washington Trafficking Prevention, a nonprofit she co-founded to combat human trafficking. Outside of work, you will also find her mountain biking with her husband wherever possible.

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