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It’s National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month as proclaimed annually by the National Safety Council.

The celebration is a great reason to double-check your company’s safety procedures to make sure you and your employees can avoid accidents and injuries and respond properly in the event of an emergency. Keeping a lid on workplace injuries holds down the workers’ compensation insurance premium expenses that companies and employees share in Washington State.

Click here to learn some great ideas on how to raise employee awareness about the importance of maintaining a safe workplace.

The publication EHS Today (Environment, Health and Safety) also has some sound fundamental tips for facility managers on improving safety in the workplace.

They include:

  • Requiring ID badges or access cards to monitor access to an office or manufacturing plant
  • Scheduling regular testing of security, fire and life safety systems to make sure they work
  • Consulting with a security provider to identify holes in existing security systems or to learn new regulatory and code requirements
  • Updating lighting to improve facility safety
  • Setting a schedule for practicing emergency preparedness drills

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