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L&I will issue new lead handling rules in the spring

Labor & Industries reports that it expects to release a draft of new work rules for handling lead early next year. This is an examination that L&I first began considering nearly four years ago.

The effort involves consolidating lead rules for several industries under a new set of rules universal to those industries while also lowering the allowable exposure levels. Retailers are in current rules and will fall under the basic rules of this revision.

Though there has been a series of public hearings on the issue, additional public review in some form can be expected in January/February of next year, reports Kevin Walder, a regulations analyst with the Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

The rules will apply in three basic areas: safety training, housekeeping and blood lead testing at employee request. Recommendations would include the use of gloves, eye protection and washing stations for employees who work with products that include lead. Lead can be found in commercial-grade paints, some pesticides, car batteries, older plumbing, electronics and sporting goods such as fishing gear and ammunition.

To read more, visit L&I’s lead rulemaking page.

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