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New option for offering light duty that generates triple WINs

Most employers are aware of the importance and benefits of offering temporary light duty positions (or return-to-work) for injured workers. Still, some are unable to provide these positions due to justifiable circumstances. Retail Services has found a viable option that delivers triple WINs, positively impacting injured employees, employers, and the community.

Retail Services has recently begun working with ReEmployAbility and their Transition2Work® program, whose mission is to connect injured employees to meaningful light duty work for nonprofit organizations in their community while the employee is recovering from their injury. The program provides a light duty option for employers who otherwise would not be able to do so with high success rates and an 18:1 return on investment (ROI) for retailers. Employees often appreciate this option and demonstrate high satisfaction from this nonprofit assignment. Success stories are evident through workers’ testimonials.

In this process, the employer of injury continues to pay the injured employee’s salary, thus avoiding the negative financial impact of time-loss. Please note that at this time, employers utilizing the program are not eligible for reimbursement through L&I’s Stay at Work (SAW) program.

Circumstances that often prohibit light duty offerings:

  • Employers absolutely can’t accommodate the particulars of an injured worker’s light duty restrictions because the employee
    • is currently unable to travel due to their injury, and remote work is not available
    • moved away from the employment location since the injury occurred
  • The nature or the size of the business doesn’t allow a light duty opportunity

Every situation is different. For an analysis on the benefits of offering light duty or if you are struggling to find light duty work for an injured employee, please contact Chris Ristine, Director of Retro, at 360-200-6456 or email him at [email protected]

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