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Notice of Decisions for your injured workers’ claims

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Empowering partnership is about putting you in control of receiving account information as quickly as possible from the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I). Currently, most members are forwarded Notice of Decisions reports for injured workers’ claims from Washington Retail by mail.

Beginning January 1, all Notice of Decisions (all claim communications) will come directly from L&I to employers either by paper or electronically. Washington Retail will continue to receive copies as well, which we rely on to proactively monitor and help manage activity on all claims.

If you prefer electronic delivery, be sure to follow the instructions of how to opt-in, which will be included in your paper Notice of Decisions package that will be arriving by mail from us soon. If you choose to opt-in, be sure to do so by the end of December.

Alternatively, you may choose to sign up for electronic delivery using this link. Be sure to select electronic receipt of your communication on injured worker claims, or you will continue to receive the paper communications directly from L&I.

We are pleased that these new processes will help reduce paperwork while getting these reports and the Notice of Decisions to you as quickly as possible.

* Reserve estimates are estimated expected costs throughout the life of a claim based on injury conditions.

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