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OSHA Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements – Part 2

OSHA Record Keeping and Reporting requirements are not straightforward and sometimes confusing. We are offering a series of webinars to help you understand the entire process. Timing is critical as OSHA reports are due next February.

In this session we will cover the OSHA 300A Form.

  • How to fill out certain sections of the form
  • When and how long do they need to be posted
  • How long do you need to keep this paperwork

Be prepared to participate!  Worksheets will be sent out in the confirmation note.  Take some time to look them over and you should try to see what answers you could provide now.

Next in this series will be:
Part 3, on October 7th covering; Electronic Reporting Rules, COVID reporting, and Ask-the-Expert, an open Q&A on any OSHA 300 questions.

Presented by:
Drew Kertzman, CSP and L&I Safety and Health Technical Specialist

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