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Report lists the most expensive injuries in retail

Confirms the need for safety training in retail

People who get hurt in retail jobs spend an average of 24 days on leave, a new study by AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. has found.

The company analyzed 20,000 workers’ compensation claims over a three-year period.

It listed the following as the most expensive injuries in retail:

  • Falls or slips from ladders or scaffolding, with an average $21,000 payout
  • Strains or injuries from repetitive motion, an average $14,000 payout
  • Vehicular collisions, with an average $13,900 payout.

The report found the most hazardous retail classes to be food, hardware, drivers and automobile parts and accessories, and hairstyling establishments.

“It reinforced our belief that training, in both operations and safety, is essential in the retail sector, especially for younger workers where we tend to see more workers’ compensation claims,” said Matt Zender, AmTrust’s Senior Vice President, Workers’ Compensation Strategy.

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