Best Practices for Operating During COVID-19

A tool developed to keep yourself, your employees, and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Washington Retail Association is excited to announce that we have partnered with L&I Small Business Liaison office on a special project on COVID Safety Training.  Utilizing our SAFEME app, we have added an additional course on how employers can train employees on proper COVID-19 practices. Now available in English and Spanish.

Register for the course here or check out this webinar.

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In today’s competitive labor market, a strong safety culture is good for employee retention. In addition to personal recommendations from your employees, a reputation for fostering a workplace safety culture is an excellent recruitment tool. Besides, safety is truly one of the best ways to drive down your cost of doing business.   

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The library of safety-related instruction is a feature exclusive to Washington Retail members only.

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Safety Services

Safety Services are included in your membership. We provide customized safety manuals, accident prevention training, and monthly safety newsletters that include safety calendars with daily & weekly topics for those weekly safety meetings.

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Only Washington Retail members have access to the services and resources available from Retail Services

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