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Staying vigilant with COVID-safety protocols is good business

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Staying vigilant with COVID-safety protocols is good business

Governor Inslee’s press conference on May 13th announced the state’s alignment with the CDC’s new mask guidelines, but retailer employers ought to consider additional factors when making their own mask policy decision.

  • New frontline employee presumptive COVID workers’ comp coverage – ESSB 5115 signed into law effective May 11, 2021, says that retail frontline workers who contract COVID are presumed to have contracted from the workplace while the public health emergency is in place unless employers have a preponderance of evidence to rebut the presumption.
  • Local health districts have the authority to override the state’s adoption of CDC’s new mask guidelines.
  • June 30 is the date announced for full re-opening but it will be critical that hospital ICUs stay below 90% capacity.
  • Full reopening does not necessarily mean the public health emergency order will end as COVID variants are a factor, according to Governor Inslee.

Staying vigilant with COVID safety protocols and encouraging employee vaccination continues to support best practices for employers. Below are several resource recommendations for your safety tool belt to share with your employees:

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