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Streamlined document delivery for Retro members

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Washington Retail (WR) will soon implement a couple of simplified communication processes to help members receive claims information firsthand and decrease the amount of paperwork they receive. Beginning in January 2022, our new proactive communication processes will ensure timely delivery of reports and data to members with the option to receive them by paper or via other secured methods. These changes will put you more in the driver’s seat of your workers’ compensation claims, save time, reduce paper, and allow us to focus on claims adjudication.

Specifically, these streamlined processes include:

    • Notice of Decisions on Injured Worker Claims
    • Retrospective Rating Monthly & Quarterly Reports

 Notice of Decisions

By statute, Labor and Industries (L&I) will only send Notice of Decision on Injured Worker Claims by mail to one employer location. Currently, WR is listed on the claim as a Service Organization, making WR a “party to the claim” when we are a third-party representative to the claim.

For this reason, Washington Retail should be listed as an “interested party” on the Notice of Decisions while the “Employer Copy” of all Notice of Decisions should be sent directly to you, the employer of record. This change will be effective January 2022.

You have the option of receiving Notice of Decisions and other claims-related correspondence electronically. November’s In Retail Services Newsletter will provide a Guidance Sheet with a direct link to sign up for electronic correspondence for Notice of Decisions on L&I claims. If you do nothing, you will receive paper copies from the Department of Labor and Industries.

As always, Washington Retail will continue receiving notice of each correspondence relating to your worker claims. We will help ensure you receive this information quickly by mail and faster yet if you opt-in for electronic delivery.

Retro Monthly & Quarterly Reports

WR is in the process of updating how we deliver monthly and quarterly Retro reports to our members, which we have been sending as paper copies via U.S. Mail. We are looking into the possibility of sending these reports by email. The benefit to you is that you will get these documents more quickly. Besides, digital copies are easier for you to save and archive.

Email delivery of your retro reports is tentatively scheduled to begin in January 2022, but we will provide an update in the November newsletter. Absent the email possibility, we will offer you the choice to discontinue receiving these reports altogether, trusting that we continue to monitor and work any and all worker compensation claims on your behalf.

Our goal is to drive information to you more effectively and efficiently, and with less paper flowing back and forth, our partnership of focused services will be enhanced.

Please be sure to let us know what questions and or concerns you have along the way as we begin to become more efficient in sharing valuable information.  Thank you for your patience and please look forward to more specific information in next month’s newsletter.

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