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Can a trade association help your business become more profitable?

By Terry Hopsecger, Director of Business Development

In today’s economy, your bottom line is what’s most important at the end of every month.

On that note, here are a dozen ways that we at Washington Retail can help you drive down some of your costs.

  • We aggressively manage your Group Retrospective Program with in-house claims management


  • We identify cost drivers and opportunities to reduce costs; cost containment and claim closure is a priority


  • We provide predictive modeling on all claims


  • We continually audit reserves to ensure accurate exposure is calculated in the projected costs


  • We provide trend analysis, high-risk hazard assessments, on-site audits, specific safety training with access to training modules.


  • We assist with safety meeting preparation and compliance assessments related to all rules and regulations in the State of Washington


  • We offer webinars and the SafeMe app for training


  • We provide online access to claims; goals and strategic plans to move claims to resolution and the costs associated with each claim


  • We protect our members by absorbing some of the risks associated with Group Retrospective programs by establishing a contingency fund


  • You are in a like-minded group that shares the risk to help minimize exposure


  • We lobby on behalf of the Retail/Wholesale/Professional Services and Auto on state legislative and regulatory issues


  • Our strength is in our numbers and the diversity of our membership. We are involved in all issues that affect our members

Our team is passionate about providing members with exceptional service at all times. We want our members to think of Washington Retail as a resource center. The level of confidentiality, expertise and professionalism that you experience with our team is undisputed. We pride ourselves on working with each business individually to customize a program to fit your needs and requirements.

For more information, please contact me at 360-200-6453 or [email protected]

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