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eAPP – a new platform to build the foundation to a workplace safety culture

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Building a workplace safety culture requires collaboration among employers, management, and the whole work team. That is why Washington state’s Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) requires all businesses to have a safety plan (WAC) in place specific to each of their locations as the starting point of building the safety culture.

An Accident Prevention Program (APP) that is prepared thoroughly and updated frequently is the first step to each work location’s sustainable safety culture. It is important to note that one of the most cited items by L&I’s Division of Safety and Health is when businesses don’t have an APP or an updated plan in place specific to their current business operations.

The good news is that WR has been developing a unique tool to help make it easier for its members to create an Accident Prevention Program (APP).

Through a grant from the SHIP (Safety and Health Investment Projects) Program, Division of Occupational Safety and Health at the Department of Labor and Industries, WR received funding to create an electronic Accident Prevention Program (eAPP).  This tool guides you through step-by-step assessments to create your customized APP easily and helps you keep it current.  eAPP enables you to create similar plans for other business locations quickly and easily.

We are looking for businesses to help us “test drive” this and would appreciate your feedback. This would be perfect for anyone looking to start or update their APP.  Please contact Rick Means, Director of Safety and Education at [email protected]

See a short video about eAPP at You can also try the beta version of the eAPP at

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