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Five marketing trends to boost business this year

Article courtesy of Washington Retail partners at SpotOn

Marketing is constantly evolving, especially with new trends and innovations emerging to satisfy customer needs, behaviors, and requirements. As we continue to deal with the pandemic (restrictions and social distancing) in early 2021, some small businesses are pivoting with their digital marketing strategies, allowing them to survive and even thrive. So what are the hot digital marketing trends and strategies for the year ahead?

Here we highlight five marketing strategies that can help you boost your business.

  1. Learn more from your data

Your customer data sources should provide you with insights about your audience that can help you develop more strategies based on their activity and behaviors. You can also discover new growth opportunities and get ideas on adjusting your online campaigns and budget. It can quickly help you retarget customers with social media, ads, and even email marketing. Informed decisions will be your best ally.

  1. Invest in ads

Facebook and Google ads, as well as Instagram and YouTube, are now more popular than ever, so there’s no better time to use them to drive leads and sales than now. It’s an excellent way to remind people that your business is open and ready. In particular, Facebook ads are affordable and can help you introduce any changes you have made or any exclusive COVID-19 discounts or promotions you may offer.

  1. Take advantage of your location

It is now possible to engage clients from a geographical location. While your restaurant may be closed to dine-in guests, you can easily take orders online. Similarly, you can sell retail items for local pickup using a virtual terminal. By simply adjusting some of your SEO settings on your website, you can attract clients from your neighborhood by creating content with keywords related to it like street names, area codes, etc.

  1. Retarget

Retargeting, or remarketing, is a strategy that can be done via email. Its purpose is to attract people who once visited your website or store but didn’t complete their purchases. This way, you can prompt new visits, and hopefully, a purchase. Also, this is a great way to drive web traffic and get more views.

  1. Be mobile ready

During 2020 we saw a significant rise in digital activity, and people relying more on their mobile devices for their day-to-day activities. Having a mobile-friendly website that is optimized for easy navigation can improve the user experience and, therefore, boost sales. This also applies to all the digital content that you create: social media, emails, notifications, blogs.

Washington Retail recognizes retailers’ need to build strategies to improve online presence and reputations. SpotOn is our partner and we encourage you to seek more information by contacting Patrick Wiltsey, Director of Business Development, at 303-835-3217 or [email protected]


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