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Learn how to better engage mature workers

People are living and working longer than they used to. This poses new challenges for some companies that include mature workers.

How do you best engage mature workers to be positive and productive?

The website ThriveGlobal includes several strategies to consider. These include:

  • Assigning mentoring opportunities to work with new or younger team members.
  • Encouraging cross-generational obligations. Each generation brings its own perspectives on products and services.
  • There is no age limit on feeling valued. Provide genuine feedback and appreciation when it has been earned.
  • Make training available to learn new technologies and strategies so that mature workers can remain relevant to your company’s goals.
  • Mature workers tend to have deep networks. Tap into those contacts for recruiting, outreach and special projects.
  • Keep health care benefits flexible and relevant to the needs of mature workers.

Contact our Safety Specialist, Rick Means for any questions or to request further information on this and other safety topics.


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