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Meet our new Director of Retro, Chris Ristine

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We are pleased to announce that Chris Ristine has joined WR as the Director of Retro, a critical leadership role in guiding the performance of our Group Retrospective Rating Program (Retro). This exclusive Retro program is administered by Retail Services, a subsidiary of Washington Retail.

Chris brings his substantial experience in various aspects of Washington State’s unique retrospective workers’ compensation plan. He began his career at Labor & Industries in 1998 in the workers’ compensation claims department and was soon promoted to a supervisory role. In 2004, he joined a third-party Retro group where he was a group lead for over 15 years.

Chris returned to Labor and Industries as a Financial Incentive Coordinator for the Retro Program in 2020, which helped deepen his understanding of the complex data and calculations used to help employers beyond claims management.

His outstanding customer service skills and ability to perform a comprehensive analysis of claims and data make Chris an excellent fit as the Retail Services Director of Retro. Rose Gundersen, VP of Operations and Retail Services, said, “We are thrilled to have Chris lead our dedicated team of claims analysts and draw upon his expertise as he works alongside other Association directors.”

Chris welcomes members or prospective members to contact him with any questions at or 360.200.6456.

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