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Qualified businesses may request property tax extensions by April 30

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Qualified businesses may request property tax extensions by April 30

The Legislature overwhelmingly passed House Bill 1332 that allows businesses with a loss of 25% or more in revenues in 2020 to file requests for extensions on property tax payments. Filing must be submitted by April 30 to the county treasurer where the business property is located for taxes due in 2021.

A late amendment in the bill requires eligible businesses to use a special form in development by the Department of Revenue to request an extension from the county treasurer’s office.

The normal deadline for paying at least half of the 2021 property tax is April 30 of this year.

The amendment says the county treasurer must deny any extension request that is not filed on a Department of Revenue form by April 30, 2021. The Senate and House must concur on this arrangement before sending the bill to Governor Inslee for approval.

The county treasurer must process all requests for extensions by June 30 of this year. The treasurer may determine the terms of the repayment agreement. If an extension is granted, the entire tax balance must be paid no later than December 31, 2021.

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