EDGE Program

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Created by Arizona State University and in partnership with the Schultz Family Foundation, EDGE includes resources for employers and hiring managers who are onboarding and supporting new employees.

These resources focus on best practices when it comes to new hires and how to support and nurture future leaders in the most effective, impactful ways. EDGE leverages ASU’s technology and expertise in open online learning, with modules that support an interactive mobile-first learning experience.

EDGE makes connections with stakeholders that support youth in building the future careers they want and deserve. Now, your business can develop youth around three key categories: customer service, leadership and personal development.

Through this training, opportunity youth beginning or in the early stages of their first job will be better equipped to serve. In turn, managers will be able to recruit and retain employees more ready for their first job.

For more information or registering for your free EDGE account, visit Get Your Edge.



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