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Retail Doctor inspires webinar of retailers trying to survive COVID-19

Retail consultant Bob Phibbs, known as ‘The Retail Doctor’, inspired retailers struggling during the COVID-19 outbreak during a webinar presentation last week sponsored by the Council of State Retail Associations in cooperation with Washington Retail.

Phibbs shared numerous retail strategies that will be necessary to implement in order to survive and succeed after the virus recedes.

Among some of his advice:

  • Stores are going to have to sell their way out of the pandemic.
  • Make it clear to shoppers how shopping at your store might have changed due to safety precautions.
  • Stores must emphasize safety precautions to help shoppers overcome fears.
  • Sick employees must stay home.
  • See the pandemic as an opportunity to innovate for the long run.
  • Don’t feel guilty about reopening. Keep messaging positive.

Watch the full webinar here for more insights.

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