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Retail time-loss claim frequency increased while claims duration decreased for retro members

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While the end of the mask mandate is a welcome relief for many, the pandemic has created many challenges in need of new strategies. We are sharing two pieces of data from L&I’s actuary released in February this year that deserve our retro members’ attention and celebration.

Time-loss claim frequency increased                                       Retro claims management is effective



The data team here has been noticing a similar trend. That is why we’re inviting both new members and current members to partner together to achieve three goals through the newly launched Safety Ambassador Program:

  • Build a sustainable safety culture
  • Drive down workers’ compensation expenses
  • Stay current with employment laws

Washington state has the highest average benefit-cost per covered employee, according to the UWC Research Bulletin. You have an opportunity to reverse the trend for your business.

Contact us today at [email protected] or 360-646-9418 to become the first cohort of this program.

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