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RS analyst’s persistence pays off for Retro member

Claims analyst Brigitte Le Vie’s work recently made a huge difference for a new Retro member.

An employee with this member made a second injury claim from a lifting injury. Labor & Industries assigned the employer 100% liability on the second claim, but assigned 23% liability on the earlier claim.

Upon careful review of this member’s claims history, Le Vie protested the second L&I ruling three times and consulted with Retail Services’ attorney to intervene. As a result of the legal intervention, L&I referred the request to an appeals board that agreed to reduce the company’s liability to 14% on the second injury. This saved the company hundreds of dollars on medical bills and time loss expenses without impacting the employee’s treatment.

This example illustrates the value of membership in Retail Services’ Retro program. Our claims staff is a second pair of eyes committed to reducing costs for employers while ensuring a safe and responsible return to work for employees injured on the job.

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