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SharedWork is a win for both employers and employees

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SharedWork is a win for both employers and employees

The potential for full re-opening on June 30th is encouraging news, but it is not a guarantee that roll-back is behind us. Besides, your need for employees is often seasonal.

Recent legislative changes make SharedWork a great way to assist both employers and employees during this time of uncertainty.

When employers use the SharedWork program through Sept. 4, 2021, unemployment benefits paid won’t count against your account or cause a rise in your future taxes due to a lower experience rating.

How SharedWork works

Employees work reduced hours and collect partial unemployment benefits, replacing a portion of their lost wages and earning more than if they were completely laid-off. This flexible program allows businesses like yours to retain a committed workforce, cut payroll costs, and protect your employer experience rating, and retain a committed workforce during economic downtown.

Applying doesn’t mean you have to use it now or ever, it’s a flexible program you can use when you need it. Here is the link to apply!

Take 60 seconds to find out if you qualify for SharedWork by calling
1-800-752-2500, option 3 or visiting the SharedWork website.

Join ESD’s virtual conference on Jun 8 and 9

Join us on June 8 and 9 for “WIN with SharedWork! Virtual Conference” presented by the SharedWork Program at Employment Security. Register HERE.

The Washington Retail Association is hosting our own virtual resource room at the conference, providing more information about what we offer and helping employers take advantage of programs and resources matching their needs.

If you cannot attend the conference, we are still just a phone call or email away. Call or email Rose Gundersen or 360-200-6452

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