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Stay-At-Work Program is a win/win proposition

The Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries’ Stay-at-Work Program pays employers to keep injured workers on the job. That’s right; it reimburses employers for some of the costs of getting workers quickly and safely back to work in temporary, light-duty jobs.

Workers’ compensation claim costs add up fast when an injured worker misses months of work or separates permanently. The company loses an experienced worker and must then pay the costs of hiring and training a replacement. The injured worker loses 30-40% of their regular pay, a financial downturn that can cause serious emotional stress. The longer the worker is away from work, the more likely they are to become permanently separated.

The Stay-at-Work program works by getting employers, medical providers, and the worker together to find the right light-duty job and to support the worker as they heal. Employers can get reimbursed for up to 50% of the injured worker’s base wages, up to $10,000 or 66 days worked in the light-duty job, whichever comes first, plus some of the costs of tools, retraining, and clothing needed for the transitional job. Providers can bill L&I for time spent consulting and reviewing the light-duty job description. It’s a winning situation because employers save money and workers return sooner and recover quicker.

Watch this video on how the Stay-at-Work program helped keep an injured terminal manager working at Eagle Transport, an intermodal drayage company in Spokane.

To learn more contact Chris Ristine at Retail Services on how we can help you with this beneficial program.

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