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Watch for “risk-accelerators’ during COVID

Environment, Health and Safety magazine has an urgent Call to Action for companies not to neglect other safety protocols due to the pre-occupation with COVID-19, such things as basic maintenance that could lead to avoidable injuries.

While companies scramble to address the health risks of COVID-19 in their workplaces, it is equally important to ensure all safety risks are managed within the context of the COVID-19 reality.

The article warns against what it calls “risk accelerators” that should not be ignored regardless of whether a company or store has remained open during the pandemic:

  • Delayed maintenance caused by cost-cutting to adjust attention to employee health and protection from infection
  • Overlooking critical safety protocols in the rush to reopen from pandemic shutdowns. It reports that accidents are more likely to occur after a shutdown and urges managers to allow proper time for safely reviews and planning before reopening.
  • Review maintenance status and catch up on actions that might have been delayed before reopening

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