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WAWorkSafe: Invaluable Risk Management tools at your fingertips!

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Businesses often look for ways to improve worker productivity. It’s good for the bottom line. Yet, simultaneously prioritizing employee safety can make the process feel more like a balancing act.

The Retail Services subsidiary has several helpful tools to help reduce and manage workplace risks, and we’ve placed them all in a convenient, easy-to-access location. Welcome to

Here you will find a variety of apps that can help you plan for safety and productivity.

Here are just a few to check out:

SAFEME – Need help providing some quick safety training? SAFEME has three courses that focus on Essentials, Automotive, and COVID training.  SAFEME courses can be completed quickly on your smartphone or desktop—anywhere or anytime!

Ergo AppYou only get one back! Ergo App is an easy-to-use tool that helps users modify their movements in real-time to improve their lifting techniques.  Using your smartphone, you can record your lifting movements, and a stick figure overlay changes color indicating safe versus improper lifting movements. Keep practicing until the colored overlay changes from red to yellow and safely into the green zone!

WA-HSEQHere is an easy way to report any safety-related issues. This tool has templates for Good Observation, Near-Miss, and Accidents.  Simply take a photo with your smartphone, add a description, and send it directly to the safety manager. Quick and easy!


Safer employees have less downtime, which leads to better productivity.  These free tools can also be used to help meet your safety meeting requirements.






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