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We double check injury claims to protect our customers

RS Claims Analyst Brigitte Le Vie shared her experience working a recent injury claim that makes an important point about the service our staff provides.

An employee filed a workers’ compensation claim that was temporarily allowed for a right-hand contusion or bruise. The employer questioned the validity of the claim and provided Brigitte with witness statements that the employee had told co-workers that the injury occurred at home, not at work.

Brigitte submitted the witness statements to Labor & Industries with a protest to the allowance of benefits. L&I wound up rejecting the claim after multiple attempts to reach the employee failed to get a response to verify where the injury occurred.

Following up on disagreements is important to establish the credibility of claims. To qualify for insurance benefits, it must be determined that an injury occurred on the job. On occasion, small but false claims can grow and increase insurance costs for companies and employees.

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