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We offer customized workers’ comp summary reports

Enrolling in the RETRO program gives companies the best protection against workers’ compensation rate increases.

Workers’ Compensation premium taxes, paid by companies in Washington, are among  the largest expenses a company incurs that do affect the bottom line.

Our claims team works tirelessly to provide services to improve your experience factor, which lowers the premiums you pay.

We understand the pressures that many risk managers and claims analysts face each day not only to provide the best resources for their injured employees but also to provide an accurate up-to-date report for the corporate office.  It can include trends that highlight specific workplace injuries and identify repetitive injuries that may be reduced by offering additional safety training and safety measures.

To this end, Retail Services has created the Workers’ Compensation Summary Report that can be generated upon request.

Key data in the report:

  • List claims within a certain data range
  • Categorize claims by number of cases, average dollar amounts and the percentage of closed claims
  • Highlight the top 10 claims by injury date, total dollar amounts and amounts paid by date
  • Identify the top accident types, top medical providers and the injured body parts by the number of cases
  • Detail information down to cause group, age, day of week and month

Let us know what you need.  We are listening.

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