Webinar with Lane Powell Law assuring pay transparency law compliance

Washington Retail Presents
Free Webinar with Lane Powell

New “Pay Transparency” law resources to assure compliance

Presenter: Beth G. Joffe – Employment Law Attorney
Date/Time: February 23rd (Thurs) 11:00AM PST
The “pay transparency” law, effective January 1, 2023, will affect all job postings for employers with 15 or more employees with surprising nuances. To help our audience navigate this new requirement successfully, we have partnered with Lane Powell law firm to offer this free online seminar on this topic.

Learning outline:

  • What is a “job posting”?
  • What “benefits and compensation” information to include?
  • The law’s effect on “remote” workers or workers located out of state.
  • The latest guidance from L&I.

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