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What motivates businesses to become members of Washington Retail?

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As the retail industry transforms and consolidates due to the challenges we have faced together, now is the time to renew hope in the future and develop long-term value-based partnerships.

Companies partner with the Association because we understand not only their industry but the unique individual business requirements required in Washington State.

At Washington Retail Association (WR,) our valued members drive our organizations’ goals and strategic initiatives. We listen to our members. We have become the industry experts our members have come to rely on, and we continue to respond to the ever-changing environment around us.

Retail Association Services, WR’s subsidiary, administers services with benefits exclusive to our members. We offer bold services that reduce taxes and help free up their financial resources.

One of the most significant expenses companies are responsible for are workers’ compensation premiums. WR offers one of the few options in Washington State that allow employers to recoup some of the dollars paid in premiums to Labor & Industries (L&I.) Our members enroll in L&I’s Group Retrospective Rating Program to take advantage of this refund. Along with this benefit, our members receive additional benefits, including:

  • WR’s advocacy on behalf of our members locally, statewide, and nationally
  • Access to robust safety programs, risk management on-site consultations, safety manuals, monthly newsletters, safety apps, webinars, and training content
  • Assistance in keeping our members in compliance with all rules, regulations, and laws that affect their business practices
  • Retail Services customizes each program to meet their member’s needs

Retail Services’ goal is to save our members time, money, and risk.

Our team is looking forward to working individually with our valued partners in 2022. As always, if you need anything, we are only a phone call or email away.

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