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WR to announce first-ever Safety Achievement Award recipients

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Tune in tomorrow, November 30, at 9:00 AM PST, to find out who among your fellow members will be recognized during Washington Retail’s virtual Annual Membership meeting.

We will be honoring two of our members who have made safety as high of a priority in their organizations as they have production and profits.

The Retail Services team used the following criteria to select our inaugural honorees:

  • Remained claims-free for five years
  • Received L&I’s Claims Free Discount for five years
  • Had an Experience Factor in the 0.7 range
  • Demonstrated credibility by the number of reportable hours in relation to the business’ risk class/hazard exposure
  • Successfully implemented safety practices which resulted in a lower cost of workers’ compensation premiums for both the owner and employees
  • Exhibited a high level of commitment to a strong safety culture through ongoing safety practices and training

We especially want to recognize those consistent contributions that both management and employees made while fostering a workplace culture of health and safety.

The presentation of these Safety Achievement Awards is just one part of Washington Retail’s commitment to supporting our members in building a culture of safety. As we move forward in our mission, we will be conveying systems-based approaches to empower our members toward this common goal.

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