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APPs are now easier to create

As we mentioned in this article, the Accident Prevention Program (APP) is an important document that is the cornerstone of your company’s safety program.

With support from management, those safety values grow and permeate throughout the company making safety more instinctive at all levels of the organization.

The good news is that Washington Retail (WR) has developed a unique tool to help make it easier to create or update their APP.  This tool guides you step-by-step to create your customized APP easily and helps you keep it current by being notified of any rule changes that affect your safety program.  eAPP also simplifies the process of making similar plans for your other business locations quickly and easily.

Through a grant from the SHIP (Safety and Health Investment Projects) Program, Division of Occupational Safety and Health at the Department of Labor and Industries, WR received funding to create a simplified way to develop an electronic Accident Prevention Program.

You can find eAPP here.

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