Brittany Shannon

Business Development Manager

Brittany Shannon joined the Retail Services team in April 2023 as Business Development Manager. Her primary focus is building trusted relationships with association members and stakeholders to support membership retention and grow association business development efforts.

Brittany brings to her new position a broad depth of experience working in both government and the private sector. Her background includes work with three state agencies where she filled a variety of capacities and roles demonstrating her aptitude for teamwork and her drive to expand service capabilities.

Brittany’s recent experience included overseeing over 275 commercial customer accounts every week in the private sector. In addition to customer service, she managed accounts payable and receivable, demonstrating her financial competency.

Her new role will focus on customer service, membership communication, marketing, project management, and data analysis. Brittany is a native of Washington State, where she and her family reside in Olympia.

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