Kim Kendall

Senior Claims Analyst

Kim Kendall, Senior Claims Analyst, brings over 25 years of claims management experience to the team.

Kim has represented Retro members in many industries; logging, nursing homes, automotive, hospitality, and restaurants.

Kim enjoys the team approach knowing that working with all parties in a cohesive manner creates positive outcomes. She believes that relationships are of the upmost importance especially when it comes to understanding issues and guiding employers to the best solution.

Her medical expertise and long history of claims management has been an asset to our members. She also analyzes potential financial risks and resolves complicated claims after in-depth research.

Kim believes in a fair and equitable approach to Claims Management.

If you have questions about The Stay at Work or The Preferred Worker programs, Kim will be right there to assist.

Kim says, “When dealing with claims; I’ve learned how to keep my sense of humor!”

Being a true Washingtonian, she is a Seahawks fan through and through. On Fridays you can see her wearing the blue and green colors with great enthusiasm.

Please give Kim a call as she would love to hear from you.

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